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We are happy to receive submissions. As an agency we are interested in showcasing talent which deserves to be heard, regardless of age, gender or background. We seek to work with authors whose careers we can help build over the long term, across multiple projects. We are a boutique agency, who work hands-on with all our clients, and this means we have to be extremely selective. If your project is not for us – it might simply be we do not have capacity, please don’t be disheartened!

Rachel Mills is very selectively looking for new clients writing commercial and upmarket non-fiction and wishing to develop their work into major global publishing and media brands.

Areas of interest include psychology, popular science, well-being, narrative non-fiction, biography, food, sustainability, health, social media and platform led projects. She looks for projects which are international and will translate to screen, and authors who are keen to develop their work across multiple books. Whatever genre you are working in, voice and storytelling are key for her.

If you are keen to work with a co-writer, Rachel can facilitate that where appropriate.

How to submit to Rachel
Please email her and include as much
detail about yourself and the project as
possible, ideally with at least one sample chapter. We regret that as we receive such a high volume of submissions we may not be able to reply to every one. If you have not heard from her within one month I am
afraid your project was not for us.

Nelle Andrew is open for submissions and actively looking for exciting new voices in fiction and occasionally narrative non-fiction. Nelle’s work with authors is editorially driven, working at an in-depth textual level with every client.

She is especially interested in excellent writing, compelling plots, diverse and unexpected voices and thoroughly engrossing reads. She loves books that are as escapist as they are explorative; as transportive as they are reflective. Her tastes are omnivorous. She particularly loves literary/commercial crossover fiction, psychological thrillers and suspense, intense or funny family dramas, savvy love stories; ambitious crime and thriller, smart historical and even magical realism. She also has an affinity for speculative and cross genre writing as well as clever female fiction. Most of all she wants stories that make her care as well as compel her to read on. In narrative nonfiction, she loves literary memoir, historical and smart politics, but always with voice and narrative front and centre.
How to submit to Nelle 
Please email her a one page outline of story, the first 3 chapters or 50 pages and a covering letter. She aims to respond to all submissions within 6-8 weeks. Nelle does not accept straight sci/fi or fantasy (speculative is welcome); she does not do children's books, YA, middle grade, poetry or drama. 

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