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Good books transcend borders

At RML, managing the international careers of our clients is an integral part of the service we offer and we pride ourselves on being an agency with a truly global outlook, working directly with publishers in all major book markets .  From placing psychotherapist Dr Julie Smith in 42 languages worldwide, to topping international fiction bestseller charts with the likes of Elizabeth Day and Sarah Winman, our authors are being read in more than fifty languages. 


Head of International Rights Alexandra Cliff has over a decade of experience representing a broad range of authors internationally. Rights Agent Charlotte Bowerman is an expert in the thriving Eastern European and Asian markets. The rights team travel frequently to meet with international editors and support our clients on their international publicity tours.


As well RML’s own list of clients, we also represent the translation rights of several other prestigious UK based agencies. Explore them using the links below.





Robert Caskie


42 M/P 


Bergstrom Studio


Gleam Futures

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